Church Council

Church Council has been running since 2006. It has been formed with the purpose of overseeing what goes on in church life. Its task is to:

1. To produce a short clear mission statement to indicate the direction the church wishes to take, and review this regularly.
2. To set each year achievable goals for the fulfilment of the churches mission according to their mission statement.
3. Establish working groups to include other members of the congregation to develop new initiatives in the life of the church.
4. To assist members of the congregation to use their gifts and experience to serve the Kingdom of God.
5. To promote the spiritual life and mission of the society.
6. To promote and extend the mission of the society in the local community.
7. To encourage council Members, through mutual consultation and prayer to discharge their duties more effectively.

Contacts –

Rev John Beacom (Chairman)
Jennifer Grey (Circuit Steward)
Robert Coulter (Treasurer)
Linda McCrea (Secretary)

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