Prayer Meeting

Prayer and Praise is held once a month on a  Monday night at 8pm in the MWI Room.

This is not a formal meeting; it is not for anyone who is especially ‘good at praying’ or very eloquent.  It is simply for everyone who loves God and wants to see Him at work in their own lives and the life of our Church.

I believe prayer is the fuel each of us need and our Church needs, in order to mobilize us into being the people God intends us to be.  As we can sit in the show room in a brand new car with all the latest gadgets and comfort – unless we open the petrol cap and put some fuel in, that is where we will remain – in the showroom!

It’s the same with us, unless we open our hearts and minds and allow God to refuel us, we will remain in the showroom!

God, I believe wants us to move out of the showroom and onto the road, having allowed Him to fill us with His power for the journey.  Of course our own quiet time and personal prayer is of utmost importance, but doesn’t the Bible also tell us to come together, dwell in harmony and how God takes delight in that.

Now of course all cars are different ---

Some are ‘Bone Shakers’
Some are ‘Luxury Models’
Some are ‘Of the vintage variety’


Only one thing matters..   With the right fuel, all have the potential of reaching their destination!  And so it is with us:  Through prayer all things are possible.

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