Groups are set up in the Ballinamallard area to serve the people, and if you are in the area when they meet, we would love you to join with us.  Further information is available on the following links.



Craft group meets every Thursday at 2.30 pm.  It’s a time for a get-together, catch up on the crafts, a cup of tea, a bit of craic.and the odd birthday party. 

 Members have learned how to crochet, cross-stitch, make knee-blankets for those in homes and knit small cardigans for the babies in the neo-natal unit of the South West Acute Hospital, Enniskillen. 

For further details contact Doris Byers - Telephone 07725859876 or by Email -






Bowling Club meets every Monday night from 8-10 pm and is open to everyone.  It’s a fun time, with helpful tips from those long standing bowlers on how to hit that 'jack'.

We operate off two mats and currently have around 12 bowlers attending each week.  

Members have the opportunity to take part in bowling competitions, and listings of what is coming up is available each week.  If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact either Wilfred Crawford (Club Captain) or Myrtle Hurst (Club Secretary).  



Friday Luncheon Club

Around 20-25 members meet each Friday in The Archdale Hall.  A 3-course meal is provided and thoroughly enjoyed by all those present. This is served by volunteers from both Magheracross Parish Church and Ballinamallard Methodist.  Meals are provided from Ballinamallard Primary School kitchen.  Everyone attending looks forward to their lunch and also the fellowship that is shared.  Every third Friday it is normal to have a guest speaker.  The Club starts at 12.30 pm and is normally finished up by 2 pm and a warm welcome is given to all atttending.  

For further details contact Iris Hurst - Telephone 07970631135 or by Email -


Historical Society

The Society was formed in 1995 and continues to be active in the community.  It was set up with the objective of researching the rich heritage of the Ballinamallard area, to record the information and make it available for future generations. To date it has a considerable collection of photographs, articles and newspaper cuttings relating to the area and its residents. It is always on the lookout for more however and would be delighted if you can add to that collection.

It has on a number of occasions laid on an exhibition when most of this material put on display as well as a wealth of material from private collectors. In 2002 it was privileged to have the Queen and Prince Philip view their historical display in the Marquee during the Queen’s Jubilee tour to the village.

In 2005 it was responsible for the publication of “Ballinamallard a place of importance” the local history of the area. Unfortunately the book have now been sold out although copies occasionally become available on Ebay.

In 2019 The Society was responsible for the publication of ‘Ballinamallard and the Great War’. This detailed the connections of the people of the greater Ballinamallard area and their involvement with the First World War. Copies of this book are still available from members of the Historical Society.

The Society also got involved in a project to refurbish the old Graveyard at Magheracross that unfortunately has been is a poor state of repair with the perimeter walls collapsing. Working jointly with the District Council it is hoped to make it a worthwhile visitor attraction.

Unfortunately the Covid Pandemic has curtailed both Society meetings and work on the Old graveyard but hopefully either in the Autumn or early 2022 we shall see a return to more normal a lifestyle.

The Society normally holds its meetings on the last Thursday in the month over the winter period (September – April) when it invites speakers from a range of interests – local and further afield. 

For further details contact Henry Robinson - Email -